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Cars Elevators

Create a new height for automotive vertical carrying
The function of the car elevator is similar to that of a heavy-duty freight elevator, which can realize the free up and down of the car in vertical space. The design fully takes into account the large space and heavy load required for the assembly and unloading of automotive products. Reliable performance, flexible parking, easy to use, suitable for large shopping malls, logistics centers, automobile 4S shops and other places.

Distributed Microprocessor Control Systems

The control system adopts a double 32-bit processor, with fast operation speed, accurate data processing and enhanced stability.

VVVF frequency conversion door machine system

To ensure the smooth and stable opening and closing of the ladder door, the self-learning door load detector improves the sensitivity of the ladder door switch and monitors and automatically adjusts the switching speed of each floor to ensure safety and reliability.

The door can be opened back and forth

The front and rear through door design is selected, which is convenient for the vehicle to enter and exit quickly.


Strong and sturdy

Made of high-strength profiles and specially reinforced car chassis durable.

Infrared light curtain protection

A light curtain protective barrier is formed at the entrance of the elevator and the entire car door is covered with an infrared light curtain "protective net" to ensure the safety of vehicle entry and exit.

The double control box design

In order to facilitate your operation, the user-friendly dual control panel design allows the driver to operate the elevator without getting out of the car.



Car roof: painted steel plate
Car / Car door: painted steel
Lighting: LED
Door opening method: side opening
Floor: pattern steel


Car top: Hairline stainless steel
Car/car door: Hairline stainless steel
Lighting: LED
Door opening method: Double-fold door
Floor: pattern steel


Car elevator picture reference



Door opening method

Our car elevator has two ways to open the door: one-way door and through the door.



Center- opening & double-folded type (Stainless steel hairline optional)


Center-opening & three folded type (Stainless steel hairline optional)