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Passenger elevator

A passenger elevator is widely used in various public buildings, office buildings, residential buildings, hotels, schools, shopping malls etc. Integration of innovative product design set permanent magnet synchronous traction technology, all-digital vector drive technology modular design technology and other advanced technology in one, the product is more safe, comfortable and energy-efficient. The compact arrangement of effective energy-saving building space and cost structure for building unlimited design freedom.



safety: Only the beginning and no end

Therefore, we believe that safety is the first element throughout the entire life cycle of a product.


Prevent Accidental Movement Of Car

When the elevator is in the leveling device and the door is not closed, if the elevator moves unexpectedly, the CUMP safety device immediately starts protection to ensure the elevator operation

Speed Limiter

When the elevator exceeds the standard speed limit, the speed governor cuts off the safety circuit to ensure that the elevator stops running.


It can absorb the normal impact energy of the elevator to the greatest extent and ensure the safety of the passenger elevator.

Safety Tongs

When the elevator exceeds the standard speed, the safety gear will act through the speed limiter linkage to ensure the safety stop of the elevator.

VVVF inverter control integrated controller

The integrated controller is an intelligent control system integrating computer technology, automatic control technology, network communication technology and motor vector drive technology. It has an international advanced level.

VVVF frequency conversion door machine system

Advanced VVVF transformer and synchronous control technology are applied to the elevator door machine system to ensure smooth and quiet opening and closing of elevator doors.

Energy saving

We are committed to improving space utilization and reducing construction costs for customers.

PM synchronous traction machine and integrated controller with compact size and layout reduce the area of the machine room.

The area of the machine room is the same as the area of the hoistway. which is only 50% of the area of the traditional machine room.

The machine roomless elevator saves more building space.

Attached to the product development philosophy of “energy-saving and environmental protection”, we apply advanced green technology to produce low-energy consumption products.

The product energy efficiency class reaches Level A.

Digital frequency conversion technology and PM synchronous traction technology adjust motor current in real-time and greatly reduce the average current during motor operation to save energy.

The lighting system adopts LED technology that features high efficiency, energy saving, long life, environmental protection, no radiation, easy maintenance to create a low-carbon life.

High performance

A number of comfort configurations ensure a smooth and peaceful ride.

The control system adopts a dual 32-bit processor which is fast in operation accurate in data processing with enhanced stability.

Integrated control and drive realize a compact structure. simplify external wiring and improve operational reliability.

Software and hardware redundancy design multi-level fault handling minimize the occurrence of stop and ensure safe operation of elevators.

Control system integrated with torque compensation technology without weighing and distance-based direct docking technology provides good start-stop comfort and riding efficiency.






Ceiling: Hairline Stainless Steel, LED light, acrylic board
Car Wall: Hairline stainless steel, mirror-etched stainless steel
Floor: PVC or Marble (optional)


Ceiling: Hairline stainless steel, acrylic lighting
Car wall: Mirror surface, etching, hairline
Handrail: Stainless steel handrail
Floor: PVC or marble (optional)


Ceiling: Titanium mirror stainless
steel frame, middle titanium etching mirror  frame,transparent marble
Car wall: Titanium gold etching mirror,titanium blonde hair pattern titanium gold mirror
Handrail: Round wood+titanium combination
Floor: PVC or Marble (optional)


Ceiling: Steel plate paint frame,
champagne mirror around, led down light
Car wall: champagne gold mirror, hair pattern, etching pattern combination
Skirting: Champagne blonde stainless steel

Floor: PVC or Marble (Optional)


Ceiling: Titanium blond hair stainless steel frame, middle-grade painted board
Car wall: center plate titanium mirror etching, auxiliary plate titanium gold-grain stainless steel
Baseboard: Titanium blonde grain stainless steel Handrail: Titanium mirror round tube handrail
Floor: PVC or Marble or Mosaic (Optional)


Ceiling: Titanium mirror stainless steel hollow plate and white organic board with aluminum alloy frame
Car wall: titanium alloy, mirror surface, etching, hairline, and pattern
Handrail: Titanium gold stainless steel three-tube combined armrest
Floor: PVC or  marble (optional)


Ceiling: Mirror stainless steel frame, lamp post, light transmission plate
Car wall: titanium mirror stainless steel, etched
Floor: PVC or marble (optional)


Ceiling: Titanium mirror stainless steel frame, hollow pattern
Car wall: titanium mirror stainless steel
Handrail: Titanium flat armrest
Place: PVC or marble (optional)


Ceiling: Carved decorative ceiling, light strip
Car wall: brown wire plate mirror, wood finish, wire carving, spray steel plate
Handrail: solid wood + stainless steel paint
Floor: PVC or marble (optional)


Ceiling: Wooden shape, acrylic lighting, LED lights
Car wall: Solid wood paint, titanium mirror etched stainless steel
Handrail: None
Floor: PVC or marble (optional)